Wednesday Randoms-Go to Bed Mad, Great news for Coffee Lovers & More


So hair-leg leggings are a thing. Yep, UK brand Contrado makes leggings that look like your legs are covered in dark hair. The leggings match your skin tone to make the look much more realistic. (Huffington Post


What makes for a bad roommate? A new survey from website RentCafe revealed that the number one thing that makes for a bad roommate is not paying rent. Other bad roommate behavior: Being mean, passive-aggressive behavior, and being dirty and/or messy. (Today)  


Fill ear-up … According to a recent report, earlobe fillers are the latest trend in non-surgical injectables. Reduced levels of collagen, not applying SPF to the delicate skin of the ears, and wearing heavy earrings are the most popular reasons for the ear injections. While the trend is growing, lip, cheek, and eyebrow fillers remain the most popular. (College Candy)  


Maybe you should go to bed angry. According to a new study, when you are sleep-deprived and fighting with your partner you are not just hurting your relationship – you are hurting your own health. The research found that when you combine the stress of arguing with the stress of sleep deprivation you get an increase in stress-related inflammatory responses in your body, which are linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis. (Shape


Equal scream time? Recent studies have shown that in movies, men are seen and heard twice as often as women, with one exception: horror films. And, we’re not just talking about women being victims of crazed killers or screaming a lot – which does happen. Women get real respect in many horror films with strong female leads, including big ones like Carrie and The Witch. (Qz)


Great news, coffee lovers! According to a new study, coffee is just as hydrating as water. Researchers found that coffee drinkers who enjoy four or more cups a day are just as hydrated when drinking coffee as they are when drinking only water. Just remember ... coffee is still a diuretic, so if you want to drink it before a workout that’s fine, but during a workout you need straight water. (You Beauty


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