Wednesday Randoms-Treadmill Desks Anyone, & Zipline on the Eiffel Tower

  • Time to ask your boss for a treadmill desk. A new study has found that using a stand-up desk or walking on a treadmill desk at work keeps you more focused, increases productivity, and reduces stress. (University of Queensland)       
  • If the whole men’s rompers thing wasn’t bad enough ... now a company is offering them in patterns like pizza, beer, and a cat in space riding a burrito. No joke. (Huffington Post)       
  • Three Miami high school girls have invented a straw that can detect if a drug has been slipped into your drink. Their Smart Straw turns blue if it detects GBH or ketamine, two of the most commonly used date rape drugs, in your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. As part of their project, the teens conducted a study at Northwestern University and found that 50% of respondents said they knew someone who had been drugged at a party and 85% said they would use the straw. (Miami Herald, Refinery 29)       
  • Is there anything coffee can’t do? According to new research from the University of Sao Paolo, drinking coffee before working out actually helps you work out harder. The study found that participants that who were given the caffeine equivalent of four cups of coffee and asked to bike for 450 calories completed the task 3.3% faster than non-caffeinated athletes. Guess that means stopping at Starbucks before the gym is good for your health and not a waste of money! (Cosmo)      
  • Attention thrill seekers: You've only got four more days to squeeze in that bucket list trip to Paris to zipline off the Eiffel Tower. Beverage company Perrier has created the zipline off the Eiffel Tower to promote the French Open. You have to be brave enough to jump from 375 feet high and travel 55 mph across the Champs de Mars. It’s only running until June 11th and they are doing just 100 trips per day, so you need to book your flight now. Best part about it – it’s free! (Cosmo)      
  • So Jelly Donut Oreos are a thing … Yep, for a limited time, you’ll be able to find Jelly Donut Oreos in the cookie aisle of your favorite store. And if they’re not at your favorite store, you need to find a new favorite store. The Jelly Donut Oreo has a Golden Oreo cookie, raspberry center and custard outer ring. What’s not to like about that? (Thrillist)


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