TGIF Randoms-Italy is giving away it's Castles for Free, but Wait, there's a Catch

  • One more reason to move to Italy … The Italian government is giving away over a hundred historic castles and villas. Giving away … as in free. The country wants to give the buildings to people in order to save them from becoming ruins. The catch? You have to have enough money to transform the buildings and surrounding lands into something that drives up tourism. Think hotels, restaurants, shops, spas. (Metro)        
  • Would you pay to lay? Airline passengers fork over extra cash for food, for baggage, for first-class treatment ... but would you pay for a seat that reclines? A report on suggests that we should cut deals with fellow fliers over seat use. There’s just one problem. Those surveyed say they're willing to pay $12 to push their seats back – but those losing leg room want to get $29 for their trouble.        
  • Some Doritos ... and a Dodge! If you thought that a vending machine dispensing hot pizza was cool, wait till you get a look at Singapore's new innovation – a machine that spits out full-size cars! Used car seller Autobahn Motors opened the automated showroom in December, with vehicles on display in 60 slots. These aren’t  just junk food, either: Models on display include a 2014 McLaren 650s and a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. Hope they don't require exact change! (New York Post)        
  • In a recent interview with Ellen, Katy Perry admitted that her sudden decision to get a pixie cut wasn’t just a bold style move. Seems bleaching her hair platinum damaged it so horribly that it started breaking and falling out in clumps, so she had no other choice. (Glamour)


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