Thursday Randoms-Food Smell that Makes You Happy, Likes on Social Media, Not so Much

  • Many more people are hooking up in public than you’d ever expect! A survey of 2,000 participants revealed that 56% of men and 43% of women admitted that the idea of having sex in public was a turn-on. As far as where it happens, 16.8% of participants admitted to doing it at a park, while 13% got down and dirty at a beach! (College Candy)       
  • Yes, the smell of pizza really does make you happy. Wanting to understand the power of pizza, DiGiorno conducted a social experiment that measured its effect on the moods of partygoers. With the help of facial recognition and emotion-tracking software, they were able to determine that people were the happiest when their pizza was baking in the oven, and its aroma filled the room.       
  • Ever wondered how to properly deal with an internet troll? One bakery in Brooklyn called “Troll Cakes” is offering a new way to fire back by putting your troll’s mean comment on a cake and sending it to them via mail. The cakes cost a mere $35, unless, of course, you don’t know your hater’s address. For $25 more, the bakery will do some detective work and find it for you! (Bustle)       
  • Guys, if you want to be a hit with women … just get a dog. A study done by stuffed animal maker Petsies found that dogs are guaranteed chick magnets. Women rated men holding puppies as 24% sexier, 14% more trustworthy and 13% more attractive than the same man not carrying a canine. (Fox News)       
  • Getting likes on social media doesn’t make happier. Research out of the University of South Wales found that social media users who go out of their way to get likes – even going so far in some cases as paying for likes – have lower self-esteem and are less trusting than people who don’t give much thought to it. Not only that, but getting a lot of likes has no impact on immediate mood. That means, if you are feeling down and you post about it on social media and get a lot of likes and comments, it doesn’t help improve your mood at all. (Eurekalert


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