Oreo Truffles That Only Have 4 Ingredients!

Forever I was afraid to try and make these because I thought they would take forever but they are SO EASY!


1 package of Double Stuff Oreos

1 8oz Package of Cream Cheese

A Package of dark chocolate melting chips OR Semisweet chocolate chips

White chocolate melting chips (for decorating)


1. Put the Oreos and Cream cheese in a mixer or blender until they are one consistency (If you don't have these you can beat the Oreos in a bag and then mix with the cream cheese in a bowl)

2. Use a cookie scooper or a spoon to roll the mixture into whatever size balls you would like and place then on a pan with parchment paper. 

3. Once the balls are made put them in the freezer to harden (15 to 30 mins)

4. Once the balls are hard, take your melting chocolate in a glass bowl and melt in the microwave in 30 second intervals. 

5. Once coated put back on the parchment paper and the chocolate will harden. 

6. Serve immediately or refrigerate until you are ready to enjoy!



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