According to a new survey by Career Builder, 68% of hiring managers spend less than TWO MINUTES looking at a resume.  And 17% spend less than 30 SECONDS.

 Which is why using keywords is probably more important than you realize.  So here are the top ten words and phrases you should and SHOULDN'T use.

 The number one word you SHOULD use is . . . ACHIEVED.  Fifty-two (52) percent of hiring managers said they like to see it on a resume.  The rest of the top ten goes: 

2  Improved

3. Trained

4.  Managed

5.  Created

6.  Resolved

7.  Volunteered

8.  Influenced

9.  Increased

10. Decreased.

The top phrase you SHOULDN'T use is "best of breed." We're not sure WHO would use that on a resume, but 38% of hiring managers said they'd probably reject someone who did.  And we don't blame them. 

The rest of the top ten phrases you SHOULDN'T use goes: 

2.  Go-getter

3.  Think outside the box

4.  Synergy

5.  Go-to guy

6.  Thought leadership

7.  Value add

8.  Results-driven

9.  Team player

10.  Bottom line.