Imagine you're in a high school marching band and you trip and fall during one of your halftime shows.

Now imagine that your fall.. causes someone else to fall.. and before you know it, an ENTIRE tuba section is falling like dominoes.

That is exactly what happened to the Lake Travis High School Marching Band in Austin, TX, during a halftime show last September.

In fact, you might even have seen this. The video went viral, being viewed nearly TWO MILLION TIMES!!

Now.. imagine that Good Morning America gave you the chance at a "do-over"... live, on national TV, with the help of Jon Waters, the director of THE Ohio State University Marching Band.

With a little help from TBDBITL, can they nail it? Watch and see!

(P.S. How good did it feel to hear the reporter say the "BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND"??)

- Marty (Let's connect on IG and Twitter: @MartyScottShow)

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Photo credit: GMA via YouTube