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"To surrender a dream leaves life as it is... and not as it could be." - Bob Dotson

Every once in a while a story comes along that moves you.. inspires you.. and shows you that there are still good people following their dreams of making this world a better place.

This is one of those stories.

Greg Mahle lives right in our own backyard - Zanesville, to be exact. He runs Rescue Road Trips, LLC, and what he does is this. Every other week he makes a road trip to the south, rescuing unwanted dogs from high-kill animal shelters, bringing them north to their loving, forever homes.

And while, according to the story, the price he charges barely covers the cost of doing business... the smile on his face when he delivers a dog to a new home shows the true payoff.

The dogs win. The adoptive families win. And in the end, Greg wins.

There are thousands of rescue/shelter animals in need of homes every day. Please remember to look to those places first. As an owner of a rescue dog, I can assure you there is no greater love from an animal, than one you have given a second chance to.

- Marty (Let's also connect on Twitter and Instagram.) 

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