I've long said that Dierks Bentley is one of the country stars I would most like to have a beer with. He just seems like a fun-loving, chill kind of dude.

Case in point...

His new album, "Riser", is coming out February 25th.

So, how did he choose to give people a sneak preview?

He put the ole' CD in the CD player on his tour bus, cranked it up, cracked open a beer, and put it up on Instagram... 15 seconds at a time.

So, so cool!

I've put up a few of my faves here... (I particularly like the fourth one down, cuz it shows off his sweet beer cooler!)

If you want to see them all (or if the links don't work), go here.

P.S. I cannot WAIT (!!!) for Country Jam!!!!

- Marty (Let's connect on Instagram and Twitter - @MartyScottShow)