Did you see what happened to Dierks Bentley Monday night? Well, in case you missed him talking about it on the IHeartRadio album release special, here goes..

On the night before the release of his seventh studio album, "Riser" (which is GREAT, BTW), he did a Facebook chat.. and at one point during the chat, he posted a pic of the email he had received from iTunes saying that "Riser" was available for pre-order.

Except he forgot to black-out his PERSONAL email address!

Even though he quickly removed the pic, it didn't take long for his inbox to "runneth over" with emails from fans... 

As you would expect, Dierks was SUCH a good sport about it, even making a couple jokes... One of the many reasons he's on my bucket list of artists I would love to one day meet!

(Hope he has unlimited data!!) :)

- Marty (Let's connect on IG or Twitter: @MartyScottShow)

(Photo credit above: Getty Images, Photo credit below: Dierks himself!)