New Diseases caused by Smartphone Use:

The Twitches – The feeling that you cannot sit through an event

without compulsively tweeting about it.
Instagramorexia – A phenomenon where you can't eat your food

until you post the photo.

   Obsessive Refresh Disorder – The compulsive urge to refresh

your email

ADCCD (Attention Directed to Candy Crush Disorder) – An

inability to focus on anything that is not Candy Crush.


Top 5 Things you Didn’t Know your Iphone could do:

1.     Shake your phone to undo your typing

2.     See which planes are overhead

3.     Use your phone as a level

a.     Open up your compass then slide to the left and turn your phone horizontal and it is a level

4.     If you want to take a bunch on action shots hold down your camera button

5.     Put your phone on airplane mode and it will charge faster


Everyone likes cheerleaders right?

-If you plan on going to an NFL game guys download the app Experience

          -This lets fans upgrade seats, get closer access to the team and even get an in-seat visit from a cheerleader

-Also includes birthday messages, mascot visits and the ability to get into the stadium without standing in line


App SpotHero

-Let’s users type in any city address to pull up nearby parking options

            -Garages and rented out drive ways

-Then you select the spot that suits you best based on the price or length

-All off street parking