Duolingo App

If you want to learn a new language, check out Duolingo.  It’s a free, crowdsourced language-learning app that uses the learning patterns of over 100 million users to create curated lesson plans.  Duolingo’s ad-free experience offers more than 40 courses covering 23 languages.


 The Homework App

If staying organized isn’t your student’s strong suit, the Homework App — yes, that’s its actual name — could be just what he or she needs: It’s an all-inclusive mobile system for managing student life. It allows users to do everything from track class deadlines to collect contact information and office hours for professors.




Quizlet is the study capital of the Internet. The free mobile and Web-based service provides all kinds of study aids, from flashcards and practice tests to games. Users can create their own study sets (complete with images and audio) or rely on Quizlet’s vast library of prebuilt, user-generated material.




This app helps your kids decide if a wanted item is worth working for instead of whining! Kids can earn money at home and save it and create wish lists to work towards.