OneFootball Brasil  - a new app for the 2014 World Cup for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that provides scores and game news about fans' favorite teams and players. 


KeyMe - Scan your keys so you have an electronic backup.  You can have a new copy mailed to you in a desperate situation.  Or, take your phone to a local locksmith to have a key made using data on your phone.



Menthal App -  Provides feedback on your mobile phone usage.  It records, for example every time you unlock your phone, every time you start an app, and every time you receive a call. The data is sent to our data vault once a day. - No more waiting.  Text a doctor and get advice within minutes.



Glympse App -  The easiest way to safely share your location with someone in real time. No sign-up needed and no new social network to manage. Recipients receive a link allowing them to view your ETA and location in real-time for the length of time you choose.


Fart Code App - Kids love toilet humor and a new app is seeking to use that to teach kids about food.  Youngsters can take their phones or those of their parents and scan bar codes on any food in a store. It will then rank their possible farts from "stinky" to "toxic" depending on what is in the food.