A reminder to all you kids: Mother's day is Sunday, May 11. You’re welcome for that! 

With that special day to honor all moms so close at hand, Country Weekly rounded up some of your favorite stars and asked them to share the quality they admire most about their own moms. Check out what they had to say about the ladies who raised them.

Dolly Parton 
Admired Quality: “She had a house full of kids, but she always encouraged us to be who we were. She didn’t try to make us be like Daddy or be like her, don’t do this, don’t do that. She allowed us to be who we were and she encouraged that. She just tried to guide us and lead us, but she did not try to change us. I was my own child and my own woman. Mama got it in every one of us—she saw it.”

Chris Young 
Admired Quality: “She’s a really, really hard worker. She instilled that in me and my sister. She was a single mother for a long part of our growing up. It’s one of those things you look up to and you definitely respect that for sure.”

Gary Allan 
Admired Quality: “Integrity. I had the storybook childhood. I had great parents, they were always there, Mom stayed home, Dad worked. It was the Wally Cleaver life. I always hear these horrible stories but I have nothing like that. My childhood was great.”

Justin Moore 
Admired Quality: “Her honesty. I get that from her. If it comes up, it comes out. Some people kind of keep it in, but I get that from her. You’re going to know what I am and what I’m all about. I think that’s served me well in my career. Not everybody likes what comes out of me, but everybody can hopefully respect the fact that I have an opinion.”

Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line 
Admired Quality: “Her heart, her way of living life and looking forward to every day and being good to people. She might be an angel.”

Lucy Hale 
Admired Quality: “She’s completely selfless. To me, that’s the definition of love. She would do anything for anyone at any time of day and she does it without complaining. She’s pretty awesome. I’m lucky to have one of the coolest moms in the world.”

Hunter Hayes 
Admired Quality: “Her patience. She’s put up with me for so long! She’s a great example of someone who’s got a heart of gold. Sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She’s always been a really good example of a good work ethic, a hardworking person. I believe that about both my parents, actually.”

Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town 
Admired Quality: “The way she nurtures. She will take care of you better than you can dream of. She knows how to focus on the things that matter. She doesn’t worry about all the frills and lace, she gets down to business and knows how to love on people and make them feel good.”

Charlie Worsham 
Admired Quality: “She just went back and got her master’s from Harvard. I admire that she continues to challenge herself. Because women don’t get enough recognition for how smart they are, and my mom is a brilliant, brilliant lady. To me that is one of the best qualities to look for in a woman.”

Cassadee Pope 
Admired Quality: “Her selflessness. She is so selfless. She’s done everything for my sister and I our whole lives. She went through a divorce when I was 11 and just completely handled it with such grace and set such a great example for us.”


source:country weekly