Well, it's already been disconnected, but the cell (310) 493-7939 that Blake Shelton tweeted on Monday night really connected to Adam Levine. Blake shared the digits with his six million Twitter followers after a little ribbing from Adam an hour before showtime onThe Voice.

Adam jabbed, "I'm seriously amazed at @blakeshelton's stupidity…"

Blake responded, "@adamlevine … I just found the craziest thing in my phone! Your PERSONAL cell phone number. Hope I'm not stupid enough to tweet it out." And then he did. "HEY EVERYONE! Here it is: (310) 493-7939 <-- @adamlevine's CELL NUMBER! Think I'm kidding? Try calling it.

Host Carson Daly later confirmed that the number WAS for Adam.

Blake Shelton says he jokes around in most of his tweets. 

“I’m just going to say stuff every now and then whether it’s stupid or not and I don’t mean anything by it. My fan base, they get it, you know? You’ve got to know when to shut up. I’m damn sure learning (laughs).”