The great PETE SEEGER has died, his grandson says peacefully in his sleep.  He'd been hospitalized for 6 days, but his health was generally good, just 10 days earlier he'd been chopping wood.  He was 94 years old.

For decades- this iconic figure in folk music got behind great causes in a gentle way.  He recently said he liked how many young people today effect change through song and determination..."be wary of great leaders, let's hope there are many, many small leaders."

This guy helped mold folk music into what it's become.  If you've ever sat around a campfire singing an old song, you're indebted in some way to Pete Seeger.

I'm happy that Bruce Springsteen and others were able to put together tributes to Pete Seeger.  Most he was able to take part in, even though he really didn't like the attention.


Thanks Pete!      Andy