This picture shows the mission and the man, it's Dr. Donald Burton releasing a juvenile red-tailed hawk.  He began the Ohio Wildlife Center 30 years ago.  It's the only wildlife rehabilitation center in the state with a free veterinary hospital.  He's devoted his life to making people aware of the importance of coexisting with native wildlife, and giving a voice to wild animals in need. 

The OWC's fundraiser gala took place Tuesday evening.  It was wonderful being surrounded by hundreds of nature lovers and volunteers for the Ohio Wildlife Center.  Emcee Jeff Walker, auctioneer Andrew Murnane, and the Columbus Zoo's Jack Hanna did a great job to raise awareness. 

Learn what they're all about:


Dr. Donald Burton and Jack Hanna

Thanks Darlene, for letting me meet Alex the Great Horned Owl.

Keep up the good work!

-Andy Clark