Thank you.  YOU packed one of the BIG theaters at AMC Lennox for our Columbus premiere of Godzilla in 3D.  Wow- it's loud, but it's pretty good!

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen star in Neighbors, it claimed the top spot at the box office in it's opening weekend bringing in 51 million dollars, one of the biggest opening weekends for an R-rated comedy!  In this case R stands for RAUNCHY and more than a dozen R-rated yukfests will be released this summer, raunchier than ever. 

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of TV's Family Guy and 2012's Ted, tries 'crude cowboy' this year with A Million Ways To Die in the West (May 30).  He says "Every R-rated comedy tries to out-gross the one that came before.  The advantage of the R rating is you can say whatever you want and not be constrained.  Comedy has to be constantly pushing the lines to be funny."  He might be right, I remember Ben Stiller's hair gel mishap in 1998's There's something about Mary, that may have been the start of raunchy scenes in R-rated comedies.  It sure got people talking.

Another trend.... we're more than 10 years into movies that make up a series being very popular.  Quite often the newest film in a series makes more money than the one before it.  Marvel's The Avengers is not only a series- but a series of series with different characters starring in there own movies that will intertwine. It's newest installment is scheduled for release May 1st of 2015.  The upcoming X Men will be in theaters May 23 of this year.... folks working on it say it's big, that it's time travel, it's old, it's new and it's a lot of X Men!  Get ready for summer blockbuster adventure.