After voting ended for Nashville, I was asked to be a presenter at the AWARDS SHOW!  I had a good feeling about it then, would I be asked to present an award, if i hadn't won in my category?  Also got nervous as I knew the night would be filmed for European TV.  So down to Nashville I go.....

For inspiration, I stopped by the studio where Elvis recorded many great hits!


Now onto a packed house at the Silver Dollar Saloon, got to hang with lots of creative people, Nicole teaches Marshall Arts, David designs and builds guitars for folks like Brantley Gilbert.  Steve is a singer/songwriter- and one of the funniest guys I've ever met!


 What a party!  The Timothy Chance Band is jammin' away just before the "Radio Personality of the Year" winner is anounced..... and because of YOUR VOTES.....

I won!   Thank you WCOL listeners! 

 Here I am with Female Vocalist of the Year, Katlyn Lowe

"Southern Push" sounded great, here's their lead singer Michael Moore.

Below:  Colt Ford was the headliner of the evening..... so hot right now- EVERYBODY wants to work with him.

Wow!  WCOL's been a perfect fit for me!  Again, THANK YOU for your votes!