A wonderful new exhibit has just opened at our Columbus Zoo...."Heart of Africa".

You might want to bring binoculars for animals that are in the distance.  It's quite a big area, a 43 acre addition.  Highlights from my visit included seeing wildebeest and gazelle running across the African plains.... that's what it looked like!

Check out how small we humans are compared to a giraffe at a feeding station

and how they form a tripod to eat from the ground.

Go all the way to the end of this big exhibit to see fast, fun monkeys....this one's the king of the jungle.

Yes, he's a king.  Mother Nature gives us interesting colors.

I haven't included photos of every animal you can see in Heart of Africa, hoping you'll plan your visit soon.

I got to chat with Jack Hanna about Heart of Africa, click on the arrow below to hear the interview.  The gang at the Columbus Zoo have out-done themselves, I know this took YEARS of hard work and dedication.  Thank you!

-Andy Clark