Days ago, I posted the blog 'a bit about me'......listeners have said they liked it.  Folks I work with have commented on it.  Our Website Department people have always said~show the REAL, here we go again.  Will WCOL listeners connect?  It ain't country! 

When Barry Manilow had a long string of hits, my sister would blast his albums, and I became a big fan during my college days.  Through my Columbus radio career interviewing and meeting him a few times has always been a treat.

Now comes Manilow's NIGHTSONGS.  This album is just Barry at the piano, songs that are beautifully crafted and sung simply.  He's said on Facebook he didn't intend these to be released, they were meant to stay 'in the drawer'.  His management and friends have kept suggesting he make them into an album.

I've always enjoyed a variety of music styles.  If it's done well, I dig it.  Caught Manilow in concert?  You've experienced one of the best.  Rolling Stone Magazine has called him "the greatest showman of our generation" .....CLICK on this sound bar for a 60 second sample of a bluesy tune from NIGHT SONGS.