I'm a production director for all 7 Clear Channel Columbus radio stations.  This is the studio I do most of that work in, putting together dozens of commercials each week.

Most projects are fun, then a few times each month- the client arrives, but hasn't prepared anything.  That's when I realize we'll be working for hours on a :30 commercial..... kinda frustrating.

Check out the WCOL studio!   I'm on after Woody, Zuko & Kayla and before Boxer.  The industry calls it 'midday' .....10a-3p.

THEN........who's waiting to greet me when I arrive home?  Have always been a bird lover.... grew up around chickens, guineas & peacocks.  I currently have 3 bird friends, in the following photos.  Waving 'hello' is my hyacinth macaw.

This one's mostly red and blue, but- they call it a green-winged macaw.  Beautiful!

And.... here's Pippa, my goffin cockatoo.  She's a rescue, the lady I got her from said she was out-of-control.  Birds are tricky!  After lots of hard work, Pippa's adjusted and has become a welcome addition to the flock.

I can't recommend a parrot as a companion.  First off, you need more than one, they've got a flock mentality.  They're loud, messy and investigate everything with their beaks.  I've had clothing, jewelry, furniture and TV remotes destroyed.  Oh, and baseboards pulled away from the wall and chewed to shreds.  Vet bills can run high.  Fresh fruits can be expensive... and the hours, the time you need to invest, to keep your bird mentally healthy is incredible.  They're also a lifetime commitment, most macaws live 55 to 80 years, and don't do well when moved from home to home.

After writing that last paragraph, I've gotta say..... I've always felt a connection to animals.  The first one I rescued was a boa constrictor.  I was 23 years old, a friend had gotten one.  When I visited it looked scared, but- calmed down when I held it.  Weeks later he called "It's not my thing, it liked YOU."  I did research on them, and he gave it to me.  I've had a few since then.  The next blog entry "boo boa" shows how fun Halloween is at my house! 

Thanks,   Andy