Was nominated in the "Best Radio Personality" category in the Nashville Universe Awards.  How could this happen?  Well, several people in Nashville listen to WCOL, and other Columbus stations through i-heart radio.  Nashville Universe is based out of music row....they recognize new performers, song writers and such.  Since I've been with WCOL less than a year, I fit right in.  I felt immediately honored and grateful. 

Many in this industry told me "It's hard to get recognized for talent in radio....go down for this awards night, maybe you'll win."  Voting was through NashvilleUniverse.com, I mentioned it over WCOL, and my years in Columbus radio apparently paid off....had done mornings on Oldies 93.3 for 5 years before joining WCOL, and had been a WNCI 97.9 DJ for over 20 years before that.  

So...... drove down for the party.  It was fun, got to meet and hang out with many very talented people.....then.... my name was called as a winner!  Do I truely think I'm the best personality in country radio?  Heck no.  But, it's hard to turn something like this down.  I have YOU, the WCOL listener, to thank for this.

Some pics have been posted on my previous blog entry, thanks again, it feels good!

Andy Clark